2020: Artist-in-Residence İstanbul - 2021: Schreyahn 13.01.2020
Before the pandemic broke out at its fullest I was about to take up a 4-month stay as an Artist-in-Residence at Kunststiftung NRW’s 'Atelier Galata' in İstanbul. Now the stay is postponed, new date tba.
There, I will be pursuing a new orchestral piece.
Similar as with my ethnographically based music at the beginning of the 2000s (cf. my 'SprachProben' cycle) I hope to also conduct acoustic-phonetic field studies - as a composer -, which will become part of new radiophonic compositions.
In 2021 then, I will spend 3 months as a scholarship holder of Künstlerhof Schreyahn.

2020 werde ich einen 4-monatigen Aufenthalt als Artist-in-Residence in İstanbul im Atelier Galata der Kunststiftung NRW wahrnehmen.
Dort werde ich mein neues Orchesterstück vorantreiben.
Parallel dazu hoffe ich, ähnlich wie bei meiner ethnographisch basierten Musik vom Anfang der 2000er Jahre (z.B. mein Zyklus „SprachProben“) akustisch-phonetische Feldstudien - als Komponist - zu betreiben, die in neue radiophone Kompositionen einfließen sollen.
2021 werde ich dann 3 Monate als Stipendiat des Künstlerhof Schreyahn verbringen.
My more recent pieces are available on Soundcloud: 26.08.2013
Scores and programme notes can also be found there. Soundcloud has a great commentary tool, so you are more than welcome to leave any remarks there!
Just finished: >>Appendix to the speech book of the new monster<< 08.01.2020
... and being broadcast soon by the commissioning Hessischer Rundfunk (hr2-kultur; curator: Stefan Fricke) on Saturday, 15. Feb. 2020, 23:00/11pm

Harald Muenz:
"Appendix zum Sprechbuch des neuen Unmenschen" (2019)

Radiophonic composition, production by the author
Commissioned by radio Hessischer Rundfunk hr2-kultur (Curator: Stefan Fricke)

Voices of Ensemble sprechbohrer (Sigrid Sachse, Harald Muenz, Georg Sachse)
Duration: 48' 58''

Language is not simply the expression of our own thinking. We also make decisions along internalised linguistic categories. As a semantic, grammatical and cultural factor, the way we speak shapes and forms our thoughts and decisions.

Talking prepares and enables actions. Only after the actually unthinkable -- the unspeakable -- has been anticipated by speech, it can happen in reality. In this way, boundaries are expanded or shifted. Speaking precedes action.

The immense power of language is unfolding over us precisely when we are no longer aware of these hidden connections.
This makes things genuinely political.
OUT NOW: sprechbohrer book 'Autorenmusik' 16.09.2019
This is the documentation with CD supplement of the sprechbohrer project "Autorenmusik. Erkundungen im Zwischenreich von Sprache und Musik" . Edited by Florian Neuner and Harald Muenz the book was published by the Leipzig publishing house Reinecke & Voß.

The volume contains essays and analyses on the subject by Crauss, Christian Filips, Stefan Fricke, Christoph Herndler, Neo Hülcker, Swantje Lichtenstein, Harald Muenz, Florian Neuner, Rainer Nonnenmann, Georg Sachse, Karin Spielhofer, Robert Stähr, Christian Steinbacher, Mathias Traxler, and Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck.
Premiere and follow-up concert of [funda'men defi'nit] 16.09.2019
The fabulous vocalists of auditivvokal Dresden (cond.: Olaf Katzer) did the wonderful premiere of my commissioned piece [funda'men defi'nit] on the 13 September 2019 in Hannover's Kreuzkirche.

They gave the piece its second performance at Dresden's Kulturpalast on Nov 9th 2019. The live recording from this concert is here:

Auditivvokal's singers were: Katja Fischer, Anne Stadler, Katharina Salden (Sopranos); Marie Bieber, Bernadette Beckermann (Mezzo-sopranos); Stefan Kunath (Countertenor); Alexander Bischoff, Jonas Finger (Tenors); Cornelius Uhle (Baritone); Timo Hannig (Bass)

My concept for a piece for 10 voices was selected among 63 submissions in the ensemble's Call for Proposals 'Vocal music for a European dialogue', together with pieces by Stefan Beyer, Jadwiga Frej, Chatori Shimizu, Hakan Ulus, Ji Hyun Yoon, Fojan Gharibnejad & Zachary M Seely (as a composer-tandem).
17th March in Hellerau: "des volkes weise. ein spottchor" with AuditivVokal 07.06.2019
The Ensemble AuditivVokal Dresden performed his program 'Ostgezeter' ('Eastern Hue and Cry ') on Sunday, March 17, 2019, 7pm, in the Great Hall of the Festspielhaus Hellerau in the context of the TONLAGEN - Dresden days of contemporary music #voice.

Under the proven leadership of Olaf Katzer they presented works by Reiner Bredemeyer, Friedrich Goldmann, Georg Katzer, Agnes Ponizil, Christian Münch, Richard Röbel, Friedrich Schenker und Gerhard Stäbler, as well as my mocking choir 'des volkes weise' ('the folk's tune' [sic] which was written for the ensemble) in their usual congenial manner.

The vocalists were:
Katja Fischer, Anna Palimina, Katharina Salden, Dorothea Wagner und Viktoria Wilson (sporanos); Marlen Bieber, Julia Böhme und Sinah Seim-Olesch (altos); Alexander Bischoff und Jonas Finger (tenors); Bojan Heyn, Timo Hannig, Philipp Schreyer, Felix Schwandtke und Cornelius Uhle (basses) as well as Moritz Ernst (piano)

Deutschlandfunk will broadcast the concert on the 18.11.2019 at 9.05pm.
Susanne Kessel performing "Beethovenamstück" 31.05.2019
Fabulous pianist Susanne Kessel continues her admirable "250 piano pieces for Beethoven" project. Recently I attended her fantastic Concert at Hotel Leoninum Bonn (They have an amazing Fazioli grand piano!) on 2nd May 2019, where she played premieres by Miranda Driessen, Ralf Hoyer, Walid Al Hajjar, Thomas Blomenkamp, Anno Schreier, John S. Hord, Miklós Sugár, and also included my conceptual pinao piece "Beethovenamstück" again.
Thank you, and bravissima, Susanne!

articolarsi in print @Edition Gravis 31.05.2019
Ingenious saxophon player Martin Losert is editing a compilation of short pieces for saxophon under the title of "Neue Konzertetüden für Saxophon". Brühl: Edition Gravis, which will include, among others, pieces by Stefan Streich, Chatschatur Kanajan, and
my own 6 1/2 min. piece

articolarsi. study for solo saxophon
from 2015.

Its premiere took place in June 2016 at the ASPEKTE Festival in Salzburg with Martin Losert playing the alto saxophon.
Getting commissioned by the Dresden-based vocal group auditivvokal 23.04.2019
Being among the winners of their Call for Proposals Vocal music for a European dialogue I am very happy about my second collaboration with the wonderful Dresdner Ensemble auditivvokal!
Our first contact included my little des volkes weise. ein spottchor which they are doing so greatly and which auditivvokal has been performing several times in the meantime.

The seven jury members had to decide upon a total of 63 submissions. As lucky as to be selected were also Stefan Beyer, Jadwiga Frej, Chatori Shimizu, Hakan Ulus, Ji Hyun Yoon, and, as a composer-tandem, Fojan Gharibnejad & Zachary M Seely.

The common workshop weekend on 6./7. April and its presentation in the Saxon Academy of Arts together with Mark Andre, Dirk Baecker, Jörn Peter Hiekel and Dieter Mersch were already very promising - looking very much forward to the things to come!

This is my new piece: [funda'men defi'nit]

The premieres of all the new pieces took place on the 13 September 2019, 10pm, in Hannover's Kreuzkirche in the framework of the chor.com.

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My piano concertino selected in the "5-Minute Piano Concerto Composition Competition" by the Zagreb Biennale 29.03.2019
My piano concertino with the emblematic title "ciascuno avrà i suoi 5 minuti" (2016) was selected in the "5-Minute Piano Concerto Composition Competition" by the international jury for a performance at the Zagreb Biennale 2017.

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