Abel, Volker
Co-author of my piece The SelfComposer
which could never have existed without his faithful and generous assistance.
"Texte aus der fröhlichen Wissenschaft"
aha, ok...
Bearfighter - photographer, performer / Fotograf, Performer

Michael was also the athlete in the world premiere of "exercising" (2003)
Behrendsen, Peter
He has always helped others a lot with realising their ideas.
Unfortunately, his own work is still not as known as it should be.
Brand, Jens
This one is hard to describe. Hard to categorize.
Czurda, Elfriede
For the first time, I heard some of her "constructive" poetry from "Kybernetik" at the Bielefelder Colloquium Neue Poesie 2002, but she has written a lot of different stuff, still to be discovered...
de Alvear, Maria
Even if sometimes her music lives on a very different planet from mine:
new music needs and deserves her.
Shouldn't I have her listed among "Institutions"?
di Scipio, Agostino
Composer of mainly electroacoustic music and sound installations with interactive computer systems.
Listen to his fascinating "Audible Ecosystemics"!
Fritsch, Johannes
composer, teacher, sponsor, publisher...
Kölner Urgestein des Feedback Studios
You are missed.
Grossenbacher, Bettina
A very versatile video artist, having a background as an actress, too.
Klussmann, Heike
Very versatile installation artist combining architecture and arts together.
Look, look, look! (Recently, she became a Senior Lecturer, too.)
koch, hans w.
We composed and performed together: tafelmusik 1, shiftlessness/schiebeproben, abwarten, tafelproben, musik + salon =, kollektiv nr. 1-4
He is one of the most unconventional composers, improvisers and sound installers, I know.
Now a professor at Kunsthochschule für Medien (KHM) in Cologne.
Müller, Knut
Another one who doesn't want to decide for either visual or acoustic art, simply doing both.
Pieroni, Andrea
From inter- via multi- versus transdisciplinarity.
Co-author of my pieces discAntico (text), spi:tschsaontskäip 1 (performer).
To be continued... ;-))
Sannicandro, Valerio
A subtle musician, thorough composer and competent violist.
Shim, Kunsu
I like the subtle fugitiveness of his art.
For his 60th birthday I wrote Decades/Dekaden.
Staub, Volker
Composer and instrument maker in one
Streich, Stefan
His music shows a rather linear surface.
It is not stupid.
That's already a lot considering most of the colleagues. (I like his music.)
Stäbler, Gerhard
Composerperformerthinker. Husband of Kunsu Shim.
Tung, Chao-Ming
The perfect artistic mix from Western and Taiwanese culture, also an active Ghu-Zeng (Koto) player.
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