Just finished: >>Appendix to the speech book of the new monster<< 08.01.2020

... and being broadcast soon by the commissioning Hessischer Rundfunk (hr2-kultur; curator: Stefan Fricke) on Saturday, 15. Feb. 2020, 23:00/11pm

Harald Muenz:
"Appendix zum Sprechbuch des neuen Unmenschen" (2019)

Radiophonic composition, production by the author
Commissioned by radio Hessischer Rundfunk hr2-kultur (Curator: Stefan Fricke)

Voices of Ensemble sprechbohrer (Sigrid Sachse, Harald Muenz, Georg Sachse)
Duration: 48' 58''

Language is not simply the expression of our own thinking. We also make decisions along internalised linguistic categories. As a semantic, grammatical and cultural factor, the way we speak shapes and forms our thoughts and decisions.

Talking prepares and enables actions. Only after the actually unthinkable -- the unspeakable -- has been anticipated by speech, it can happen in reality. In this way, boundaries are expanded or shifted. Speaking precedes action.

The immense power of language is unfolding over us precisely when we are no longer aware of these hidden connections.
This makes things genuinely political.